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Balance bonus to the first deposit up to 100%

We will present you money for trading! How much? It depends from the size of your first deposit. Make you choice:

Select your option:
  • Bonus 50% – deposit from $200 to $500
  • Bonus 75% – deposit from $500 to $2000
  • Bonus 100% – deposit above $2000

For example, make a first deposit of $1000 and we’ll triple the money. As a result, on the account will be $2000!

Open account and get the bonus

How to get it?

Just make your first deposit on CT-Trade and during the day we’ll credit your bonus.

You can see it in the trading zone on the right. Note: <Balance bonus: $XXX>. For example, after $1000 deposit you’ll see this:

Right after the accrual a bonus of the first deposit the wagering indicator is set to 0%. Whenever you trade, it will grow up:

You can re-deposit as often as you want for faster wagering.

Once it reaches 100% it means that your bonus was wagered.

Bonus money will be automatically transferred to the available funds. After that all money in your account will be at your disposal.

Now you can use this money for the further trades or withdraw them.