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Sticky bonus

The essence of the sticky bonus is that your trading balance will be doubled by the size of the bonus funds. Thus, you will be able to make deals more safely. For example, having $250 in the account and making the deals at $10, you risk to lose all the money as a result in a series of mistakes. But if you have for trading $200 the risk of deposit’s losing is reduced to a minimum. Attention, the bonus funds of the sticky bonus are not available to withdraw.

The amoutn of your sticky bonus is always 100%, and it doesn’t depend by the size of your deposit.

We’ll credit you a sticky bonus when your deposit is more than $250.

Open account and get the bonus

How to get a sticky bonus?

Just deposit to your CT-Trade account, and during the day we will credit your sticky bonus.

You can see it in the trading zone on the right. Note: <The Sticky bonus: $XXX>. For example after $250 deposit you’ll see this:

Right after the accruals the sticky bonus  the wagering indicator is set to 0%. Whenever you trade, it will grow up:

Right in the moment when indicator changes to 100% that means you wagered a bonus.

In a few minutes bonus is disappeared and your balance decrease by the size of your sticky bonus.

Largely thanks to the sticky bonus we were able to increase our funds from $250 to 460$.

After this all the money in your account will be at your disposal. Now you can use this money for the further trades or withdraw them.

Now you can use the money for further trading or to withdraw them and to spend on anything.

Open account and get the bonus