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More than 2,200,000 customers
have chosen ct-trade platform

Welcome to the CT-Trade Binary Options trading platform. It is a simple and convenient trading platform 2016 model year, where thousands of traders throughout the world can successfully trade.

CT-Trade Platform lets you earn no matter where you locate: home, subway, beach. Indeed, you can work using any device in your favorite browser. Exciting Trading is waiting for you!

How to make trades. Work with your favorite assets

First you need to choose an asset for trade. There are more than 80 assets of 5 kinds at your disposal: currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and pairs. You may not need to use all of them. The «Favorites» tab allows you access to the active assets that you use regularly.


If you haven’t yet decided which assets work best for you and especially for beginners, we have placed the most interesting assets into the «Popular» section.

Another means of navigation is search. Use Latin letters of an asset in the search box.

Watch video on how to choose an asset and add it to Favorites.


What’s the expiry time to choose? Earn money in 30 seconds!

On our platform you can trade with an expiration of 30 seconds which is very popular with Binary options traders. These options are listed first, forth from the left to the right the other short-term options are located: 1, 2 and 5 minutes.


Farther right there are binary options available with the following expiry times: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120 minutes and until the end of the day.

Also you can find a long-term options up to six months.

Watch video on how to choose expiry time.


Invest starting at $10!

Binary options – it’s easy! Only two buttons: High and Low. You just need to make a prediction based on the selector up or down the price of the asset will go. At the same time there is absolutely no importance how much the price changes!


It is important to have space for maneuver. That’s why we offer an opportunity to invest starting at $10. It will allow you to buy several options at the same time without risk of loss of funds on the account! This is very important exactly for novice investors.

Watch video on how to trade.


Adjust the open trades for maximize the return

On our platform you can even affect the outcome of the open positions. To do this, use the following features:

  • Sell Back. If the price goes the wrong way, you can sell the option back to minimize losses
  • Hedge. If there is any doubt in the outcome of the trade, you can open the same trade in the opposite direction


  • Double-Up. If you have confidence in the outcome of the trade, it is possible to double the payout of the option

Watch video on how to use extra features.


Play by your own rules! Get profit of more than 200%!

Above/Below is the system of advanced settings for real fans of binary options.

Using it you can trade the options not above or below than the current price, and above or below the specified range boundaries. And you specify of the range yourself!

There are several variants. It’s managed by the slider “Distance”. Select your own profitability of the option. It can be safe option with profit of 102%, or risky, for the execution of which you can get 216%.

Use indicators for more accurate forecasts

If you are an advanced trader and Moving Average is not an empty phrase for you, you can use technical analysis tools right on the platform.

  • The RSI or Relative Strength Index. This is a technical indicator that is suitable for both novices and professionals. It perfectly describes the basic shapes of technical analysis: head and shoulders, double top, and so on.
  • SMA Indicator – “Simple Moving Average”. This is a simple indicator, but high quality in-use. It shows the average price of the course. A great tool to get started.