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заключение учебника трейдера

We have considered all the most important aspects of binary options trading.

In particular we have covered the following:

  • hot to buy and sell binary options
  • how to select an underlying asset
  • hot to manage a deposit
  • hot to create a trading strategy which generates continuous profits
  • what kind of attitude toward trading you should have to become a successful trader and earn money on it
  • how to apply various techniques of technical analysis and what they are

It would seem that we have the whole picture and don’t have any more answers.

However when you have read it all then your most important question still remains unanswered- WHAT TO DO NEXT?

If all this knowledge which you have acquired remains unused in your mind then it will be of no use for you and not bring you an income.

That’s why we must give you special recommendations for the future so that the information you’ve obtained will be of use to you and the time you’ve spent on reading this guide will not be thrown away.

Firstly; by the time you have read this guide you should understand and make up your mind if you wish to engage in options trading. Whatever your decision maybe you have benefited from it anyway, namely: you acquainted yourself with a new money earning method, realized that it is a real way to earn money and understood what kind of skills and traits of your character you will need to succeed in binary options trading.

Secondly; as you know there is no theory without practice. So if you want to begin trading in options then it is best to register on a broker’s web-site right now and begin trading. The more you trade the more confident you will feel in yourself.

заключение учебника трейдера

How to start trading in options? What kind of steps you will need to take after registration on a broker’s web-site?

  1. Learn how the trading process takes place or, to put it simply, “what kind of buttons to press”. It takes a couple of hours to study it in detail and doesn’t usually pose any questions. Moreover, a broker always has a customer support department which is always available to answer all your questions.
  2. Open a demo account and start trading. You don’t have to spend a Rouble to do so and you can trade on a demo account and acquire the necessary skills. When you make several trades (either winning or losing) you’ll realize the reasons of winnings and losses and how your deposit size changes in one case or another.
  3. The third stage is the most important, namely: select a trading strategy. You may select one of the above mentioned strategies or create your own strategy by using various combinations of indicators and other market signals. The bottom line here is that it is very important to start making trades on the basis of the trading strategy. The result may not be very successful at the beginning, however, it is not important because you are trading on a demo account and won’t lose any money. There is no need to hurry and if you accustom yourself to trading on your strategy using all the principles related to making trades and deposit management then you are to be congratulated on establishing yourself as a trader. You’ll correct all the defects that your strategy may have inevitably had in the future, in time. The main difference between a man who is a potential trader and a man who came to the market to play a game of chance is that the one will work according to strategy and the other will trade on the demo account and then quit. 
  4. Never give up on your education – test new strategies, apply new techniques and read books and other informative materials on trading. If you want to develop your skills then this is essential.

When does the time to trade on a real account come?

реальный счет бинарных опционов

It is another thorny question for a trader. Some hesitate for years, some rush to trade on a real account straight after the first winning trade and both are wrong, of course.

If you have been trading for many months but haven’t achieved any progress

If you have been trading for many months but haven’t achieved any progress, then most likely, you don’t take it seriously or don’t trade with a strategy. Even the simplest strategy will bring you a continuous stable income even if it is equal to 100 dollars per month, if you follow its principles.If you win one or two trades or even two trades in a row then you must understand that it is only good luck and you will lose eventually because you don’t have necessary skills yet. That’s why at first you should learn the principles of trading based on a trading strategy by strictly following the strategy.

In general, you may start trading on a real account after:

  • you have overcome your excitement, thirst for easy money, desire to go for broke and any other wrong aspirations.
  • you have traded for no less than several weeks on a demo account in accordance with the selected trading strategy. Every day trading is important.
  • you will be able to increase your virtual deposit at least two-fold or three-fold without replenishing it. Many traders are attracted by the idea that they can make a trade without thinking and then they try to restore their deposit size, as if they haven’t made the trade, however, you will not be able to get lost money back in practice. That’s why it is very important to learn to trade in such a way that incidences like these don’t affect your deposit. Only after you earn 100 dollars, for example, on 50 dollars by making several dozen trades will you be able to start trading with real money.

One can give advice forever but you are at the stage now when the most important thing for you is to start. If you register with a broker and start trading then you will achieve the desired result sooner or later, if you work enough and put all of the acquired knowledge into practice.

All that is left to do is to wish you, not good luck, which is the greatest enemy of a trader but thoughtfulness, emotionless and careful attitude towards what is taking place on the market and also a belief that it will work for you.