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§ 1.1 What is trading? What does it look like

что такое трейдинг и какой он бывает

Trading is a fine way to earn money that doesn’t require Herculean efforts. Everything a trader needs is to buy at a lower cost and to sell at a higher cost. So you can put the difference between buying and selling prices in your pocket in the form of profit.

What can you trade? Almost anything. You can trade shares (stock market), currencies (Forex market) and commodities (commodity market) and also indexes. Many traders have made huge fortunes over decades of similar markets. Since change in prices can be more likely predicted then trader’s job is just a job that yields profit and its result doesn’t depend from good luck in the long run.

So nothing prevents you from trying yourself as a trader.

It is worth noting

It is worth noting that trading possibilities have unbelievably increased due to the fact that you don’t need to come out to sell and buy currencies, commodities, shares – you can do it online on a computer or even a smartphone. Moreover you don’t need to have those assets that you are selling. The principle of online trading is as if you borrow commodities from your broker that you are going to trade for example 100 euro or shares. Having earned a profit on it you’ll give him borrowed things back and the profit will be yours. The principle of exchange trading is not complex at all. The most important thing here is to predict the correct price action. We shall discuss it in detail later and now let’s go on to the one of the main points, namely, binary options.

§1.2 What are binary options? Why they are so profitable? →