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§7.2 Concept of the “comfort zone”

зона комфорта трейдера

If you want to profit from trading then it is very important to trade only when you stay in the “comfort zone”. This is when a trader has reached a state when he feels confident and reassured and is not influenced by any emotions from the above mentioned list. It is also recommended that a trader will be full of energy and well rested so that the comfort zone is considered to be complete. If you are a trader then you should closely monitor if you are in or out of the zone. As soon as you notice that you are out of the zone or even on its boundary then you should stop trading at once. This is because there is a high probability that all of your trades will be unprofitable. As soon as you come back into the comfort zone then you may continue your trading.

Therefore we can see that continuous analysis of your own state is one of the most crucial points in options trading. If a trader doesn’t do this then it follows that his emotions probably have very strong power over him. If you already know you “enemies” by sight then there are no doubts that it would be a lot easier for you to deal with them.

How to deal with your own emotions when trading in options?

– If you are overcome by emotions of fear then you should remember all those previous winning trades and don’t forget to remember the fact that you are trading according to your trading strategy which guarantees that you will not incur extreme losses anyway.

– If you can feel that your emotions of greed

– If you can feel that your emotions of greed are getting stronger then you should remember that the most important thing for a trader is not to win but rather not to lose. That’s why shouldn’t forget to comply with the rules you’ve established for yourself and you will get lucky for sure.– If you can feel that your ego is wounded then you can solve the problem quickly enough if you strictly follow the rules of your trading strategy. If the strategy has proven itself not to be very profitable then you will be able to adjust it and create a new one at any time. It would be of no use to you if you personalize your failures when trading on the strategy.

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