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§7.3 Intuitive-based trading

интуиция трейдера

One often hears that a trader does not rely on market analysis as much as he relies on his intuition. What kind of mysterious intuition it is? Is it real? How do you apply it properly?

In fact intuition is not the same as just playing a game of chance. However when a novice trader speaks about “intuition” more often than not it means that he doesn’t want to learn market analysis or he came to the market to play a game of chance. This person is not considered to be a trader but rather a gambler.

There is of course the concept of “professional intuition”

There is of course the concept of “professional intuition”. A good trader (we emphasize that refers to an experienced trader only) can understand intuitively where the price is going now and what kind of option should be bought. He reminds us of a professional cook who doesn’t use a measuring glass and measures everything by sight. He has a right to do it because he has vast experience behind him and he understands what has to be done and how to do it. If you have not yet acquired trading skills then forget about intuition for now and follow the rules strictly. By doing so you’ll be able to develop your intuition, and first of all, avoid failures and their related rejection of the very idea of options trading in the very first stages.