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Now you don’t need to spend a lot of time studying charts

The concrete forecast for the concrete asset to a concrete term of the option.

Quick start. Begin to make a profit within 5 minutes after reading these lines!

Forecasting accuracy — not less than 80%!

How to use the signals

It is necessary to take in attention value of the field “Active”. There may be two:

The status of “Timing” (When the number of seconds is changing). At this moment precision of the signal is maximum – you can safely open the deal in the specified direction. Example:

Asset Direction Timeframe, min Active

The status of “In progress”. It indicates that the deal has already been opened, and the signal is not recommended to use (too late). Example:

Asset Direction Timeframe, min Active
EURUSD 60 In progress

Ask with your manager a signal link, please. It is available on Silver, Gold and VIP account levels. In other words, trading signals are given to customers with a deposit of $2,000.

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